M4RK & CO.

Collaborative Conspiracy



Not Faster.

Like the Bionic Man intro, we have the technology We're better and stronger - but our approach isn't built around being fast. Getting things right comes from a dediction to being better. Good ideas first, followed by making them work.

I remember Milton Glaser saying this: "If you run out of time... it's because there's something you don't understand". There are a lot of his quotes to choose from but I like that one in particular.

Understanding leads to simplifying something complex, visualizing data, telling a story, inspiring an action, being appropriate, or being useful. Understanding becomes the basis of design. For better or worse.

M4RK & CO. is a team of directors, designers, animators, photographers, writers, and creative thinkers. Sometimes it's Hiep and I shooting in our Toronto studio. A lot of the time it's Nhan and Susan and me on Slack. Working around the clock, with people around the world.

We want to be as excited about our clients' products and services as the show and tell portion that we have a hand in.

- Mark wrote this in 2017